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5 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To Dubai. 


Are you bored during these holidays, or are you even tired of staying where you are right now?

Thinking of the best city to migrate to?

What of your medical needs?

These and many more are reasons you desire to make a move.

You need to consider Dubai as your perfect destination.

Make Dubai your place of preference on your list.

Where is Dubai?

Dubai is not a country as many people think, it’s a city and an emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates lies in both Asia and Africa.


The emirate of Dubai shares boundaries with the Sultanate of Oman southeast, Sharjah in the northeast, and Abu Dhabi in the south.

Where to Stay in Dubai

You have two main options of where to stay when you get to Dubai.

  • Downtown

The hotels in Downtown are numerous and with a wide range of booking amounts.

The following hotels and many more are available Hotels you can choose from in Downtown

  • Beach

Hotels on the beach in Dubai are so many that you can choose from. A few of them are here:



Tourist Attractions in Dubai

There are many tourist attractions in Dubai. 

Some of them are listed below,


The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is located 1 km from the city center, on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall.


The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo houses 33,000 marine life living in the 10 million liters of water within the tank. 


It offers thrilling wildlife adventures via realistically created virtual tours.


This remarkable underwater zoo occupies the level above the tank showcasing an abundance of underwater life that can be found occupying the oceans, rivers, and other water bodies across the world. 

The Dubai Mall is located in Downtown Dubai

It accommodates 1200 stores over 500,000 square meters.


This home of the Dubai shopping festival is one of the world’s largest shopping malls. It has a large walk-through aquarium, a world-class ice rink, 14,000 parking spaces, and more exciting experiences for shoppers.

  • Skydiving in Dubai

Dubai skydiving provides a unique one-of-a-kind experience as adventurers get to skydive with the beautiful Pal Jumeirah below them. 


The Skydive at Dubai is one of the best skydiving service providers in the world.

  • Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai is the region’s first entertainment, cultural, family, and shopping destination. It’s the world’s most significant tourism, leisure and entertainment center. 

Global Village Dubai receives over 5 million tourists over an area of 17,200,000 sq ft. The compound has various pavilions each.

  • Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina nestled in the region popularly known as ‘New Dubai’, 


Dubai Marina is a conceptualized man-made canal city. 


It offers elegant lifestyles through its outstanding waterfront development along the Persian Gulf shoreline.

  • Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is the world’s hugest choreographed water fountain located in the elegant Burj Complex. 


It surges as high as 150 meters in complete synchronization to classical, Arabic, and other popular world musical numbers. 

Creating beautiful arcs and jumping to the beats.

Bollywood Parks Dubai is a part of Dubai Parks and Resorts and the ‘first theme park dedicated to the B-town’ in the world. 


It is an accurate location to learn and experience what goes into making a Bollywood film and how the Indian movie industry works. 

  • Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is the world’s biggest frame structure, located in Zabeel Park, and was inspired by the logo of the forthcoming World Expo 2020 which was held in the city. 


It’s about 150meters and 93 meters wide.

  • Legoland Dubai

Situated amidst Dubai parks and resorts, Legoland is a family-theme park, situated amidst Dubai Parks and Resorts which lets you play with the Lego bricks and enjoy water slides too.

Ideal for kids aged between 2 to 12, 

  • Ski Dubai


Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort with an area of 22,500 square meters.


It has an ice museum, ski slopes, a skiing academy, and Snow Park for tourists who wish to learn skiing. 

Ski Dubai has Avalanche Cafe, a very cozy eatery that has a balcony that faces the ski slopes.

Jobs in Dubai

A few of the numerous jobs opportunities in Dubai are as follows 

  • Doctors

Average monthly salary: Dh 73,460.75


Doctors require years of education and training, if you want to practice this profession in Dubai you will need to complete the licensing and registration process.

  • Accounting and Finance Professionals

Average monthly salary: Dh75,000


One of the best paying jobs in Dubai today is an accountant and chief financial officer (CFO). They oversee the company’s profit and loss.


The job comes with high pressure because it requires tough decisions, robust financial knowledge, and decisions impacting the companies and employees’ future.

  • Senior Bankers

Average monthly salary: Dh 70,000


A bank VP handles large loans, significant investment, oversees economic trends and predictions.

The decision of a VP can impact the company’s future for decades.


If you want to become a senior banker in Dubai, you need to have degrees in economics and finance, then you need to work your way to the top.

  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

Average monthly salary: Dh100,000


A chief executive officer leads from the top by making crucial decisions on the company’s bottom line and has the responsibilities of its employees in their hands.

  • Marketing Experts

Average monthly salary: Dh95,000


The marketing officer needs to understand current trends and get results. Marketing has recently grown into Digital marketing, television, and radio.

Developing a brand for the company is the critical role of the chief executive officer.

  • Public Relations Managing Director

Average monthly salary: Dh90,000


Public relations managing directors handle client groups, determine communication, and promote the company’s image positively in the media.


You need to have many years of media and PR experience to become a public relations managing director.

  • Lawyers


Average monthly salary: Dh77,000


To become a lawyer, you need a high level of education and experience.

Every business needs legal advice and guidance. While some companies hire an in-house lawyer, others hire lawyers on a case-by-case basis.

  • Supply Chain Manager

Average monthly salary: Dh75,000


The company’s supply chain will be managed by the supply chain manager. The company can face huge financial problems if the supply is wrong.


You need a degree in business, finance and years of experience to become a supply chain manager.

  • Restaurant General Managers

Average monthly salary: Dh50,000


A restaurant general manager is in charge of handling the daily operations of a restaurant. Dubai has an enormous tourism industry, and there are many jobs in the restaurant area. 


You may need background knowledge in accounting and finance to become a restaurant general manager.

  • Senior Human Resources Officer

Average monthly salary: Dh35,000


Human resource officers are in charge of employing staff, handling staff issues, and guaranteeing workers have good mental well-being in the working atmosphere. 


To become a senior human resources officer, you’ll require years of experience working in HR.

  • College Professor

Average monthly salary: Dh25,000


College professors teach different subjects in schools in Dubai.


You’ll have a tremendous influence on the lives of your students, and the job is gratifying.


You can work for schools or colleges in the UAE, depending on your qualifications.


Moreover, college professors often have a Ph.D. or degrees in their chosen subject.


  • Operations Manager

Average monthly salary: Dh17,500


Operations managers are some of the best leaders, making sure a company is working efficiently and effectively. 


Construction is a dominant industry for operations managers in Dubai.

  • Software Engineer

Average monthly salary: Dh11,000


Software engineers design, research, and create new software. 


They will apply their engineering knowledge and scientific techniques to develop excellent user-friendly software products.


To get a job as a computer scientist, you will need a degree in IT or computer science.

  • Real Estate Consultant

Average monthly salary: Dh8,000


Real estate consultants assist private individuals and companies invest in commercial or residential property.


You only need prior experience to become a real estate consultant in Dubai.

  • Call Center Manager

Average monthly salary: Dh6,000


The call center manager is to ensure the call center is performing optimally. 


Dubai has a high international population, with English speakers from every corner of the globe. That has led to a sharp increase in the number of call centers in Dubai.


A degree may be helpful if you want to become a call center manager.


Safe trip to Dubai.


The best decision you can make for yourself is to choose Dubai as your next destination.

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