Basic Guide on How To Upload a Video to YouTube

Do you know that YouTube is one of the largest online social media video platforms? About 2 billion people log in to YouTube on a daily basis to watch, comment, upload, share, and likes video posted on the platform.

However, uploading videos on YouTube is a good way of marketing and advertising your brands, products, and services to the public. Posting of video contents on YouTube is another way of generating revenue and also to build a large community.

Before you can start posting videos on YouTube. You will need to learn the Basic Guide on How to Upload a Video to YouTube. The first thing to do is to CREATE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL ACCOUNT

Now, let’s go straight to the content and learn all that is required to upload a video on YouTube.

Basic Guide on How To Upload a Video to YouTube

Below are the basic guide to get your first video upload to YouTube;

  • Sign in to your YouTube Account: If you have a Google account or you have created a YouTube account, then you will it will log in automatically once you click on the  YouTube Official Website Address.  If you don’t have a Google account, then you will have to create a Google account.
  • Select to Create or Upload Video:  Select to create or upload a video,  click on the icon at the top right corner of the YouTube homepage. Your videos should be converted to the formats that YouTube accepts. Such as AVI (Audio Video Interleaved), 3GPP (cell/mobile phones), MOV (Mac), MP4 (iPod/PSP), MPEG or. MPG (Motion Picture Experts Group), FLV (Adobe Flash), M4V (h.264), WMV (Windows Media Video), and WebM (HTML5).
  • Click on Upload Video: Here, you will be required to select where you want to upload your video from. You can do a drag and drop method or select from your Google drive or directly from your device. As your video is uploading, carefully choose the video privacy setting (decide whether to go Public for people to view and able to search for the video, Private video can only be watched by you and those you want them to watch it, Unlisted means only those that have the link can watch the video, and Scheduled video can only be watched on the date time you choose.)

Always remember to add descriptions and tags to your video; Description helps to give a formal detail about the video and it will be displayed below the video. Tags are words that users can easily type and search for your video.

  • Click on Publish and Share: After the video has uploaded successfully, you can now publish and share the video.

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