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Become A Paycentre Agent: PayCentre Agent Guide is an article that will teach you how to become an agent and start rendering financial banking services and also how to download PayCentre mobile App on your devices. As a PayCentre agent, you will become self-employed and boss of your own business, you will also start making money daily through commission and incentives.

As one of the leading Agent Banking in Africa, PayCentre provides financial services in local communities and creates employment opportunities.

It is an innovative agent banking solution targeted at driving financial inclusion under-banked and financially under-served locations in Nigeria.

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PayCentre Agent Requirement

The agent’s requirements are the criteria you must have so as to qualify to become an agent. The requirement includes;

  • You must have a valid identity card.
  • An android device is required.
  • You must know how to communicate both in writing and speech.
  • A start-up fund and a good location where transactions will take place.
  • Your passport photo and a utility bill not older than three months.

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Responsibilities As an Agent

When you become a paycentre agent. you will be responsible for the following agent banking services to your customers. Be rest assure that you will be trained on how to perform the following transactions.

  1. Account Opening
  2. Fund Transfer
  3. Withdrawer/ Deposit
  4. Bills Payment
  5. Loan Application
  6. Card Activation
  7. Card Issuance
  8. Airtime Top-Up

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How to Become A Paycentre Agent

You are almost getting to the last step of becoming an agent and start making extra money. We shall be teaching you the steps by steps on how to be become a PayCentre agent…

  1. The first step is to sign up an account with PayCentre, Click on the link PayCentre Agent SignUp
  2. Fill incorrectly all the required information about your Full Name, Business Name, Email Address, State, Local Govt, Phone Number, Gender.
  3. Kindly inform their representative either through mail or chat and you will be replied 48 hours.
  4. As a prospective agent, you will be trained on what it takes to be an agent.
  5. You have successfully become an agent for Playcentre.

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Benefits of PayCentre Agent

The following are benefits when you become a PayCentre agent;

  • There is an excellent support team, that resolves any issue or problem within the shortest period of time.
  • This platform is a source of employment as it generates income for the agent.
  • Integrity and transparency is the value of every transaction.
  • Provide 99% uptime, that is PayCentre makes the solution available at all times.
  • In terms of pricing, agents profit are considered first.
  • It creates employment opportunities and generates income.

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Download PayCentre Mobile App

You can also become a paycentre agent, when you can download the mobile App by the following step,

Step 1; clink on the link Download Playcentre Mobile App on Google Play Store

Step 2; Tap on the install icon, to initialize the app on your Android device.

You can reach PayCentre or send mail through [email protected] or through contact on +2349082963289 and +2347062689382.

Address: 13, Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos.

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