How To Become FCMB Agent Banking | FCMB POS |

How To Become FCMB Agent Banking | FCMB POS |

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) is one of the commercial banks in Nigeria, that is creating an opportunity for her citizens in the area of agent banking. FCMB introduced agent banking as one of its services in May 2017 thereby engaging over 740 agents across the states so far.

Becoming a First City Monument Bank agent in Nigeria is a step towards building an internet banking business and give you another source of income. As part of our responsibility here, we show you all you need to know and become an FCMB Banking Agent.

Agent banking is a process of providing and rendering financial services such as Fund transfer, Cash withdrawal, Bill payment, Airtime recharge, Cash deposit, etc to unbanked and underbanked individuals in the rural area.

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FCMB Agent Banking Functions

The function of an FCMB Agent Banking is to provide financial services to unbanked and underbanked customers in your community. These functions include the following; Account Opening, BVN Enrolment, Instant Card Issuance, Bills Payment, Cash Deposit, Fund Transfer, Pin Change, Airtime Recharge, Cash Withdrawal, etc.

However, as you provide FCMB services to both unbanked and underbanked customers, you will be entitled to commissions and as well generate income for the transactions rendered. The agent banking platform is very easy to operate and user-friendly as well.

The First City Monument Bank agent banking POS terminals are configured and issued to agents so as to enhance the exchange of value among cardholders and merchants. FCMB POS terminals permit debit to the account of the customer and credit the account of the agent during the transaction.

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Benefits Of FCMB POS Terminals

  1. It gives an opportunity to earn fee income from cashback service.
  2. Promotes impulse purchase and payment by cardholders.
  3. There is instant confirmation of payment via the CTMS platform.
  4. Reduces your exposure to loss due to robbery or pilferage by employees.
  5. The speed of check out as payments is authorized quickly.
  6. Helps in easy cash evacuation at zero cost.
  7. FCMB POS increased sales volume – Customer satisfaction.
  8. Accepts all variance of debit cards of all participating banks in Nigeria.
  9. It helps to eliminate fraud and makes accounting easier.
  10. Improved operational efficiency.
  11. Increased sales volume – Customer satisfaction
  12. Prompt settlement of funds within T+1 for local cards and T+2 for international cards.

What Can FCMB POS Use For

The FCMB POS can be used for the following banking transactions;

  • Payment of Bill such as PHCN, DSTV, etc.
  • Payment for goods and services purchases.
  • Card Not Present service.
  • Payment Reversal option.
  •  Pre-Authorization service.
  • Cash Back services.
  • Air time recharge.

How to Become FCMB Banking Agent

At this point, if you are passionate and interested in becoming an FCMB banking agent. Kindly visit any of the First City Monument Bank, Customer Service Unit, and request for Agent Banking Form, then make enquire for further details. Click this link for further details…First City Monument Bank

FCMB Agent Banking Requirement

The following FCMB agent banking requirement includes;

  • An existing Location.
  • Have an account with FCMB.
  • You need start-up capital.
  • Must have a BVN.
  • You must know how to read and write.
  • Must know how to communicate.

Note that ATM cards such as Verve, MasterCard, and VISA issued from all banks in and outside of Nigeria for Cardholders are accepted by FCMB POS terminals, an International card is to be activated on merchant demand.

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