Bet9ja Agent Benefits | Bet9ja Agent Commission Percentage

Bet9ja agent business is another interesting and lucrative business one can venture In. Bet9ja benefits and its commission percentage is an article we shall be teaching you and it requires you to pay complete attention. If you have been thinking of any lucrative business to invest on, then you have found one through this post.

Now as you have known or heard either through a friend, advert or from an existing agent about Bet9ja betting brand and its benefits. That will make it very easy for you to flow along with this article. Bet9ja is one of the foremost betting company in Nigeria, you can find Bet9ja agents in any part of the country.

As a Bet9ja agent, you will have total control of how you want to run your business to a more profitable venture and earn a big commission. As an agent, you will be on commission and not wages or salary. Already there are ranges of commission for all Be9ja agents in Nigeria.

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Firstly, we shall be highlighting to you all the benefits you will derive if you become one of the numerous Bet9ja agents in Nigeria. Already bet9ja has lots of customers mostly youths who place bet day in day out, most of them are complaining of lack of Bet9ja agent in their area, so the need.

Now let us get to know the benefits of becoming a Bet9ja agent.

Bet9ja Agent Benefits

We are about rolling out all the benefits you will get when you become an agent of Bet9ja in Nigeria. The following are what you stand to gain as soon as you are certified as an agent;

  1. You will be given a free training course that will help you and your staff to succeed in the bet9ja business.
  2. Bet9ja unique service enhance fast processing of commission and payment.
  3. Be assured that for every bet win, you will bear zero risks or liability.
  4. With over available 12,000 live betting events each month to leverage on.
  5. Earning is on every bet you print and your turnover also attracts commission.
  6. You are entitled to percentage commission for every online and mobile client register through your teller.
  7. Training from on-site qualify bet9ja field staff and off-site through mobile contact.
  8. You will also benefit from more than five thousand events available most popular sports on weekly intervals.
  9. Another benefit is that you will work with the leading European sports betting software.

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Bet9ja Agent Commission Percentage

Bet9ja agent commission percentage has to do with the total bet placed in your betting shop. The percentage ranges from one percent to 20 percent. However, the percentage commission is been paid at the end of every week.  All you need to do is to encourage your customer to be placing bets in your shop, also always be in the shop all the time to attain to your customer.

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The gross profit is what is been shear as the commission percentage between the agents and the bet9ja betting company. The commission structure below is for commission percentage placement on sports games.

  1.  20 % commission to 26- 40 selections.
  2.  18% commission to 21-25 selections.
  3.  16% commission to 14 -20 selections.
  4. 14% commission to  11-13 selections.
  5. 12% commission to 9-10 selections.
  6. 7% commission to 6-8 selections.
  7. 6% commission to 4-5 selections.
  8. 5% commission to 3 selections.
  9. 2% commission to 2 selections.
  10. 1% commission to 1 selection.

Also, the percentage commission structure on bets placed for racing games is as follows; 3%, 6%, and 9% stakes respectively.

In conclusion, bet9ja spotting bets business is a very lucrative business that one can start up with little capital. All is required is to focus and dedication to the business and you will start making money through commission.

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We believe that this article was helpful and if there is any difficulty, kindly comment below and our team will respond to your questions. For more information click Bet9ja

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