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Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

The chase freedom unlimited credit card is a beginner-friendly credit card. It has incredible offers, such as Awarding 1.5% on cashback for every $1 spent on a purchase and 5% on every travel expense made through ultimate rewards. 

The credit card has been able to stand out due to the cashback feature it has. You earn a %3 cashback on dining purchases and a %5 cash back on travel purchases, while you earn %1.5 cashback on all other forms of purchases.

Advantages of Chase Freedom Unlimited Card

These are some of the benefits of chase freedom’s unlimited card over other cards.

  • You don’t have to pay annual fees
  • You have the best cashback tastes around.
  • You can decide to pair with other cards like ultimate rewards and so on.
  • You can convert your cashback to buy an Ultimate prize. 


  • It has a minimum of 1.5% cashback on every product.
  • It has a high value when paired with a premium purchase card
  • There are no annual fees.


  • A foreign transaction fee is charged if the card is used abroad.

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Chase Freedom Unlimited Card/ Freedom Flex Card

These are some of the benefits of using chase freedom unlimited card over Freedom flex card.

Chase Freedom Unlimited card

  • There is no spending limit.
  • There is a 1.5%cash back on every dollar spent or Eligible purchases.
  • 3% cashback for the restaurant.
  • 5% cashback on travel purchase utilizing ultimate chase rewards channel.

Chase Freedom Flex card.

  • There is a 5% cashback on each spending.

How to redeem cashback with Chase Freedom Unlimited card

There are several ways to save cashback; here are some of the following methods.

  • Cash Back can be redeemed through the ultimate rewards portal(Where you can use the cashback to get cards on Amazon )
  • Cashback can be redeemed as a statement credit.

Both similarities 

  • They both don’t have annual fees and 0% into APR

Why Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card.

There are several benefit of chase freedom’s unlimited credit card

  • No annual fee- If you are battling with annual fees with another card, then I think you would consider chase freedom with a full credit card. It has several bonuses with no annual fee payment. Whether used sparingly or always. There is a bonus for you.


  • 0% into APR- The card also included 0% into a purchase and balance transfer for one month; that is amazing, right. These are reasons I would recommend Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card to anyone.

  • No limit to redemption-Any amount can be redeemed with chase freedom’s unlimited credit card. You can save as low as $0.01 for a statement credit with your credit card bill, but with other cards, you have to wait till your cashback is $25 before you can redeem it

  • Easier to get/qualify for The card is easier to get than other credit cards.

How to increase your chase rewards.

This is a simple trick to increase your chase rewards.

  • Combination of two chase cards:This will double your ultimate points, preferably a cashback card and a travel card; buying goods with a higher rewards rate will help increase your chase rewards.

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A chase freedom unlimited credit card has many benefits and is preferable for a newbie who wants to try out a credit card. 

If you want to learn more about this, you can click on this link

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