Compose And Send Emails On AOL Mail | AOL Mail Login

Compose And Send Emails On AOL Mail | AOL Mail Login

We shall be showing you, how you can compose and send emails on AOL (American Online) mail! And also how you can successfully login to your AOL Mail Account. Note that you can only log in to AOL Mail! If you have created an account. If you have not, quickly SIGNUP AOL MAIL ACCOUNT and start enjoying the benefits of AOL, a mail service provider.

After our previous article on How To Signup AOL Mail, we have received several questions on how to login AOL mail. So we shall be teaching you to log in to your account successfully. Also, compose and send an email on AOL mail without finding it difficult to do. Hence the need for this article.

AOL provides you unlimited storage for your messages. It attaches files to outgoing messages faster than other services. You can enable the spam filters and manually enter any email address that you want redirect to the spam folders.

It automatically redirects phishing schemes to your trash folder. AOL Mail works magnificently and it is a good choice to make. It gives continual access to its mobile application. It has everything you need for your business and personal use.

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Characteristics Of AOL Mail

  1. Your contacts can be manage in AOL Mail.
  2. AOL Mail has an unlimited storage space.
  3. It gives you room to link other emails from other mail service provider.
  4. The size of sending an email can be 25MB that is email attachment.
  5. Another important feature is that it has spam protection, it blocks spam before it will hit.
  6. You can filter through the automated email sorting.
  7. Maximum mailbox size is 1,000 new messages, 4,000 old messages and 4,000 sent messages per screen name.
  8. AOL Email includes both a trash and a spam folder.

How To Login AOL Mail

  • Open your browser type or click on
  • Enter your username or email address.
  • Click continue.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click enter.
  • You have successfully login to your AOL Mail account.

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Compose And Send Emails On AOL Mail

Open your AOL mail and click Compose, then in the “To” field type the name or email address of the recipient (contacts). After that in the “Subject” field, type a brief summary of the email. Next is to type the Message in the body of the email and Click Send. If you want to Reply to an email, Open an email message, Click Reply from the top of the email or Reply All if you want to reply to everyone concerned. Type your message and Click Send.

Create And Use A Signature

Follow the steps below to create and use a signature when you compose a message on AOL mail;

  • Click options or mail settings under your username.
  • Then click the compos Tab.
  • Next to Rich Text/HTML, choose to use signature.
  • Enter your signature info.
  • Click save settings.

Choose A Default Font And Color

Choose a default font and color by following the guide below;

  • Click options or mail settings, under your username.
  • Then click the compose Tab.
  • Next to Rich Text/HTML and choose use Rich Text/HTML.
  • Select your font type, size, and color.
  • Click Save Settings.

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