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Facebook has been widely discussed among users on its negative effect, which has led to several questions by our viewers, on how to deactivate or delete the Facebook account if one opt for it.

A Facebook platform has been abused by its core value, which is connecting and interacting with friends, colleagues, and relatives.

There have been cases of negative report on Facebook such as hacking of one account, scamming of people, dissemination of false information, posting of nude pictures, etc. have discouraged users of Facebook.

However, we shall be discussing some important points regarding these contents.

1. Difference between Deactivate and Delete Facebook Account
2. How to Deactivate Facebook Account
3. How to Delete Facebook Account

Difference Between Deactivate and Delete Facebook Account

It is very important that you understand how these two different ways of staying off from facebook work before applying it.

As the word implies to deactivate, means to stop something that is active or make something inactive for a particular period while delete means to erase or remove something permanently.

When you deactivate your facebook account, the following will occur;

  •  Your Facebook timeline will not be visible and your account cannot be searched by your friends.
  • You can still reactivate your account anytime you want to be active.
  • You can still log in to other apps that you signed with your Facebook account.
  • Photos, videos, post, messages on messages will not be deleted.

Also, the following occurs when you delete your Facebook account;

  1. The Facebook account will not be functional again.
  2. Facebook messenger will also be deleted together.
  3. Your profile, photos, videos, and messages will be permanently deleted.
  4. You will no longer log in to another app you signed up with your Facebook account.

How to Deactivate  Facebook Account

  1. Click on the down arrow icon on your Facebook page.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click on Generals on the top left edge of the page
  4. Select Manage Account and click.
  5. Click on Deactivate your Account
  6. Kindly follow the instruction to confirm your request.

How to Delete Facebook Account

Before deleting your account, it is necessary to have a second thought, this is because you cannot retrieve it back. You can only retrieve it back if it has not exceeded 30 days after your request has been submitted.

  • Click on the down arrow icon on the top edge of your Facebook page.
  • Next is to Click on Settings.
  • Press on your Facebook information at the left top of the page.
  • Select on permanently delete your Facebook Account and information. Then click Delete my Account
  • Enter your password and Click continue to Delete Account.

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