Download New Skype on Desktop / Enjoy Free Skype Calls

Download New Skype: Are you tired of spending much money on video and audio calls every day? Do you want to enjoy free calls with Skype on your desktop?  If your answer is yes, then don’t worry as we are about unveiling to you how to Download New Skype on Desktop.

Enjoy free chat, video calls, audio calls with Skype by calling your friends, family, colleagues, relations that have Skype on their desktop.

Skype gives you the freedom to communicate to people anytime, anywhere, and how long you want to communicate from any part of the world without spending a dine.

Skype is what corporate organizations and companies use to communicate as it is economically better than other forms of social media form of communication.

We shall be teaching you step by step how to download Skype on your desktop.

How to Download New Skype

Enjoy free calls and chat with Skype
Click on Save file
  • Click on Save File, so that your Skype can be saved.
  • Click on the download icon at the top right of your desktop to open the downloaded Skype.
  • Open your downloads on your desktop and click on Skype to start installing.

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How to Enjoy Skype Free Calls

To enjoy a free chat, video, and audio calls, your contact must be on Skype or you may choose to call via a mobile phone or landline through Skype Subscription or Credit.

  • Select the particular contact you want to call, click on the audio call button or video call button .
  • For group call, add the participant contact and click on call.
  • If you want to chat, select the contact and then click on chat.

We believe that you have gotten all you need to start using Skype for your communication purpose free of charge.

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