Facebook Avatar – How To Create Your Own Facebook Avatar

Image of Facebook Avatar - How To Create Your Own Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar – How To Create Your Own Facebook Avatar. In this article, you will learn how to make a Facebook Avatar on your Android and iOS devices. Facebook has introduced a new way of expressing feelings and emotions called Facebook Avatar. This is to replace the old way of expressing emotions through emoji smiley faces.

The Facebook Avatar is currently been used in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia and also will be launch in other countries of the World. However, what this means is that Facebook users in those Countries can now make use of the avatar.

What is Facebook Avatar?

So we need to explain to you what a Facebook Avatar is, as we know that many Facebook users do not know what we are talking about. Therefore, Facebook Avatar is a cartoon-like structure or emojis, use in expressing reactions and emotions. The avatar is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Moreso, with the Avatar, you can create a character replica of yourself or something different and share it with your friends. Facebook Avatar is similar to the Bitmoji of Snapchat and Apples Memoji. You can use the avatar to reply chat, in the Facebook comment section, the messenger, profile picture, and stories.

Now let’s go to detail properly on how to create your own Facebook Avatar.

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How To Create Your Own Facebook Avatar

To create or make a Facebook Avatar, you need to have a Facebook account and then follow the below steps.

Kindly download the latest Facebook App from the Google Play or Apple Store for either your Android and iPhone devices. Next is to lunch on your Facebook App, and open it in with your username and password.

At the top right corner of your Facebook account, click on the three lines menu and scroll downward, then tap on See More. Select the Avatar and start creating your Avatar by following the on-screen instruction. Now start by selecting your desire skin tone and after that click Next.

The next thing to do is to select the hairstyle you want, either short, medium, or long. Then select your head shape, eye shape, face shape, face lines, eye color, eyebrows shape, eyebrows color, and many more. You can also add glasses if you so desire.

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The next thing is to select your body shape and the type of attire or outfit you want your avatar to wear. Once you are done making your Avatar, the next thing is to click the icon DONE located at the top right corner of the page.

Congratulation you have simple create an Avatar and I hope is not difficult to do. Now that you are done creating your Avatar, next is to use it either in the comment section, messenger chat, on your stories, etc.

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