Facebook Live Video – Learn How To Make A Live Video On Facebook

Image of Facebook Live Video - Learn How To Make A Live Video On Facebook

Learn how to make a live video on Facebook, using the below easy steps by steps. Communicating and reaching out to your followers through Facebook Live videos is very simple. But you must have a Facebook account before you can go live and engage your followers. This post will show you how to make a live video on Facebook with your customers.

Facebook live video is an online medium, where you can communicate or interact with your followers, friends, or customers on Facebook directly via your mobile devices or through your camera on your computer. To be able to stream live using your Android or IOS mobile! you will have to install the Facebook application to your devices.

It is also necessary to note that, there are different ways to go live on Facebook. You can either stream through your Facebook profile, page, group, and events. And it will show on your friend’s Facebook News Feed for some time before it will not be seen again.

Also with Facebook Live video, you can go live to broadcast or report events, occasion, gatherings, or conduct a question and answer section. However, the setting of the group’s privacy will indicate who and who will see the live video.

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How To Make A Live Video On Facebook

To stream or make live on Facebook is not a big task like I said in my introduction. With the basic steps by steps that we are going to show you, and if you follow the guide you will start streaming live videos on Facebook immediately.

  • The very first thing to do is to open your Facebook account and navigate to the group, event, page, or profile that you want to go live from.
  • Kindly click on the live button at the bottom of the post you are making.
  • Next is to write a brief description that explains what the video is meant for.
  • Tag a friend if so desire, also add your location and the activity or feeling.
  • Lastly, tap Start Live Video, and when you want to end the video click on Finish.

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