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Food That is Good For Dinner

Food That is Good For Dinner

When it all comes down to health and Food That is Good For Dinner, what you eat before bed says a lot about your health.

Are you confused about what to eat before you retire for the night? Well, don’t be because cause I’m going to take you by the hand through it 

Food That is Good For Dinner:

In Nigeria, most homes don’t have a special treat for dinner. Nigeria is so blessed with different kinds of food that you may think of. So we will only be taking a few of them.

This article will show you a few Nigerian foods that are good for dinner.

1.)Plantain pottage

Unripe maintained postage comes with a filled pack of nutrients for the night. Looking for different food to eat for the night,  this is perfect for you. This is very simple to cook and takes less time. It is always cooked with veggies(vegetable)

2. Yam and egg sauce 

This is another excellent food to be taken at night. Blend with different tastes, and it’s straightforward to prepare. Who will resist the taste or the aroma of egg and yam?

Many Nigerian homes like preparing this food as dinner because of its ability to digest quickly.


Some homes prepare it for breakfast. At the same time, the majority takes it for dinner because of its simplicity in the making.

Spaghetti can be like Jollof or be eaten with stew.

Spaghetti isn’t only prepared in Nigeria but everyone’s favorite.

4.) Bread and tea

If you are looking for the fastest and light food to eat at night, then this is the best bet for you.

This is one of the best dinners you can have for yourself.

5.) Jollof rice

This is one of the best foods Food That is Good For Dinner in Nigeria. It can be prepared in different ways as you like. Jollof rice is one of the meals most Nigerians love. Rice can be prepared in different ways, i.e., jollof rice, coconut rice, fried rice,    coconut rice, etc. The choice is yours on how you want to cook your rice.

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6.) Beans

When it comes down to beans, there are different methods of preparation. It’s a dish you can’t afford to miss. It can be prepared as postage beans, beans with stew, beans with rice, beans with yam, and so on

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7.) Semovita and soup

Looking for tasty food to digest, then semovita is your best bet. It’s suitable for digestion issues and also advisable for older adults. Semovita can be eaten with different soups like okra, vegetable soup, oha soup, etc.

If you like to eat a lot, then semovita isn’t for you at night cause it quickly digests

Semovita is a delicious delicacy, and it’s advisable for dinner.

8.) Akara and pap

Due to the nature of its simplicity. Akara and pap are advisable among adults. Many people like to eat this at night. Pap can be bought outside the house, and akara can be made at home.

Most homes like to eat this majority on Saturdays. 

9.) Potatoes 

Potatoes come in different types. Nigerians are more familiar with just two types of potatoes:The Irish potato and the sweet potato. Whichever one you choose out of the two is Perfect. You will surely want to try it. 

10.) Beans and corn(Adalu ewa)

This food is primarily typical of the Yoruba tribe. This food is typical principally among Yorubas. This food is filled with nutrients, and the taste is one of a kind. You will surely like to try it out.


This is most common among tertiary students. The fries consist of different fried foods like yam, plantain, potatoes, and fish, and it’s eaten with peppered stew.

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There are different Food That is Good For Dinner in Nigeria, but some take time to digest while some digest easily

Some foods take time to digest, like pounded yam, Eba, processed foods, etc.

There is a saying that health is wealth, and they are particular foods that shouldn’t be eaten once it’s past 8 pm.

Certain foods are very good for our health, and I believe this article will guide you on your meal choice.

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