How To Set Up Gmail Email Account On Androids

Gmail Mail Account set up on Android Mobile Phone is something that most users of Android phones does not know how to do, this is the reason why we will be showing you how to set up Gmail Email Account on your Androids devices.

However, do you know that Gmail Mail Account is one of the products of Google? with the activation and setting up of Gmail mail account on your Android devices, you will start using your Gmail for different activities which include but not limited to;

  1.  Sending documents as attach files.
  2. Receiving of mails (documents).
  3. Save your contacts on google.
  4. Save important files or document including pictures.
  5. You can chat with friends on Gmail hangout.

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How To Set Up Gmail Email Account On Androids

How to create or sign up a Gmail email account on your android devices will be broken down into steps for you to understand and follow the procedures.

  • Open your Androids device App, and click on the Gmail icon to Open.
  • Tap on Settings
  • Click on Add account this will direct you to Set up email.
  • At the setup email, choose Other.
  • Add the email address you want to set up on your device, in the enter your email box. Then click next.
  • Verify your fingerprint or confirm the PIN number of your device.
  • Google Account Sign In with your email address will be displayed, all you are required to do is to click Next to Sign In.
  • Enter your password, you use in creating the account.
  • Click on I agree after reading the Google Terms of Service.

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Now you have successfully set up a Gmail Email account on your android device, and you can now enjoy all the benefits of having a Gmail account. All you need to do is to have a network on your phone and start sending and receiving mails.

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