Guide On How To Create and Login A Linkedln Account

Guide On How To Create and Login A Linkedln Account

Do you have a personal Linkedln Account? we believe you also wish to have one. Probably, you are finding it difficult on how to create a LinkedIn account. If this is your problem, then you are on the right track! As we are going to teach you the Guide on how to Create and Login a Linkedln Account.

If you are seeking for a job or you are already working and you don’t have an account with Linkedln, then you are missing a lot. As an employee, Linkedln Account helps you to get connected to an employer or a recruiter. Also if you are already employed! You will have the opportunity to connect with people of like minds and professionals in your field.

LinkedIn is one of the biggest online network platforms, for individuals, professionals,  and business companies. Due to the importance of Linkedln in hiring and recruiting job seekers, it is necessary you are always active on the platform. So that once the opportunity comes, you grab it immediately.

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How To Create A LinkedIn Account

To successfully create and log in a Linkedln account,  you will have to follow the simple guide below.

Image of Linkedln Sign Up

  • Enter your correct first and last name. I will advise you to write your full name as it is in your curriculum vitae and in all your papers. This will prove how honest you are to your employer or recruiter.
  • Provide your active email address. Let your email address be a functional address.
  • Enter a strong secret password, that only you will have access to your account.
  • After reading the agreement policy, then click on Agree and Join icon.
  • Now you have successfully created or sign up a Linkedln account.

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How To Login To Linkedln Account

To login to your Linkedln Account, your only need three steps to get it done.

  • Enter your email address or phone number, that you used to create the account.
  • Your password.
  • Then click Sign in.

Photo of How To Log In Linkedln Account

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