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One of the ways to reduce the high rate of unemployment and poverty level in Africa is through entrepreneurship. That is why this article, we are about to discuss is very important and key in curbing unemployment rate.

You are about to learn how to register and become a DSTV agent and it’s requirements. DSTV is an acronym for Digital Satellite Television, owned by MultiChoice. MultiChoice is one of the largest entertainment and internet company in Africa.

Nigeria, contributes about 40 percent of the total monthly revenue generate by DSTV. MulyiChoice DSTV makes about 8 billion of revenue monthly from Nigeria. These statistics indicate the huge market and acceptability of DSTV in the country.

However, Nigeria being the largest country in Africa, with about 200 million population gives you more reasons why venturing into this self employ ideal is important at this point in time.

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Types of DSTV Agent/Dealer

Before we go into the types of DSTV agent or dealer, it is important that you know that there is no difference between an agent or dealer of DSTV. Both performed the same functions when it comes to MultiChoice DSTV.

There are two types of DSTV agent or dealer,

  1. The Super-agent or dealer
  2. The Sub-agent or dealer

The Super-agent or dealer are well trained professional DSTV representatives, that act on behave of the company. They attain to customer technical issues and provide necessary support and solutions. Super agent or dealer also provide DSTV installation and technical training to the Sub-agents or dealer. They purchase DSTV materials in wholesale and sales directly to a customer or in a retail form to Sub-agent or dealer.

The Sub-agent or dealer works directly with the Super-agent or dealer. As a Sub-agent or dealer you are to perform the following functions; installation of DSTV dishes, assisting the new users to activate DSTV bouquets and to the network, also sales of DSTV materials to customers, helping customer to resolve issues of DSTV subscriptions.

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Requirements to Become DSTV Agent or Dealer

To become a DSTV agent or dealer, for both Super or Sub-agents the following requirements must be met, they are;

  1. Start-Up Capital: This is applicable for those that want to become a Super agent, unlike Sub-agent that does not need huge capital investment.
  2. Technical Training: The technical training is most needed by the Sub-agent or dealer, this is because the Sub-agent is mostly responsible for the installation of dishes, subscription issues and another form of technical problems. Note that you have to pay some amount for this training by MultiChoice.
  3. Customer Relation: As an agent or dealer, you must possess Customer Relation Skills, you must be able to represent the company in the best possible way. Customer complaints and issues must be carefully resolved.


Dstv agents or dealer are located at the cities and towns where there are more clients or customer to attain to, however, becoming a DSTV agent is a good business you can start today with little or no capital depending on the type of agent or dealer you chose to become.

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  1. Will like to start from sub agent then work my way up, how do I go about it? How do I get the form to register.

  2. thank you for the info that i got here i really want to an dstv agent. thank you.

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