How to Become Bet9ja Agents | Requirements & Registration Form

How to Become Bet9ja Agents | Requirements & Registration Form

How to become bet9ja agents, requirements and registration form is what you are about to learn. Our previous article on bet9ja explains the Bet9ja Agent Benefits and percentage commission. This article on how to become a Bet9ja! will help you to be self-reliant and independent, also create wealth for you…

Bet9ja among other types of sports betting business companies in Nigeria! has created a lot of opportunities for Nigeria youths. By engaging the youths in starting up their own as an agent or becoming betting customers (players).

However, agents and players of Bet9ja have nothing to worried about! as measures are already in place to protect you and your customers from hacker’s threats. Through data service protection software using Dell servers and Fortinet Firewall, and a Thawte SSL encryption certificate.

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Moreso, the betting company (Bet9ja) will provide agent representative! that will assist you with all technical support and training, that will make you successful. You will get the chance of becoming bet9ja sells outlets for their wide range of products.

One of its special uniqueness is prompt cash-out, great bonuses, and its high odds stakes.

Bet9ja Agent Requirements

Image of Bet9ja Agent Requirements and Registration Form

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The following requirements or items are necessary before you can become bet9ja agents;

  1. You will need a location/shop for the business.
  2. The shop must not be close to another bet9ja shop.
  3. Get a  good alternative power supply like a generator.
  4. Acquire the necessary training and skills of an agent.
  5. Your location/shop must be in densely populated premises or commercial areas.
  6.  All require equipments such as desktops, televisions, internet provider must be made available.
  7. You will pay a Sign-Up fee of #75,000. After payment, you will be given a Bet9ja banner, thermal printers and An Account will be open for you.
  8. Must have good communication and customer care skills.
  9. Must goal-oriented and hardworking.
  10. Provide at least 8 cashier and 8 computers to meet up customer’s demand.

How to Become Bet9ja Agents

Now that you have an idea of the requirements! the next question is how to become Bet9ja agents. You can become an agent through registration this link

Kindly note that you provide the following details for your registration; First name, Last Name, Date of birth, Select gender, Shop address, City, LGA, State, Mobile contact, Email and Business description. Thereafter you click Register Now. The registration form fee is #50,000.

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What to do After Online Registration

  • You will have to submit the documents to bet9ja office
  • Bet9ja field staff will check your documents and shop.
  • An open discussion with bet9ja and you will be done.
  • Verification of the premises.
  • You will sign an agent contract/ agreement.
  • Ensure your shop is ready for assistance from bet9ja professional support.

Click HERE for the Registration Form.

Hope this article was educative and interesting. Comment below if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading.

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