How to Become an OPay Agent – OPay Agent Requirement and Registration Form

How to Become an OPay Agent – OPay Agent Requirement and Registration Form

In this article, we shall be discussing How to Become an OPay Agent – OPay Agent Requirement and Registration Form! and all you need to know about OPay mobile online transaction platform. As an Opay agent, you are already one step towards having another source of revenue and start making income. Register and become an Opay agent today and start enjoying the benefits forever.

OPay is one of the online mobile transaction platforms in Nigeria that is specifically designed and developed for androids phone.  Nigeria is the third Africa Country after Kenya and South Africa where OPay mobile wallet has commenced full operation.

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You can perform the following transaction on OPay platform;

  • Send and Receive Money: Send and receive funds from friends, family, colleagues through OPay mobile e-wallet transactions.
  • Electricity Payment: You can also pay for all utility bills, electricity bills, and many more.
  • Cable TV Subscription: Pay for all kinds of cable TV subscription, such as GOtv, DStv,
  • Airtime Purchase: Buy airtime, transfer recharge cards to friends and family via OPay platform with zero charges.

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OPay Agent Requirements

OPay agent requirements include;

  1. You must know how to read, write and communicate.
  2. Provide the following documents; passport photo, utility bill, means of ID, and Corporate Affair Commission documents (optional).
  3. A smaller or medium size shop will be required for customer base contact.
  4. You must have an android mobile phone that is functional and internet friendly
  5. Customer relation skills will be an added advantage.
  6. BVN: Biometric verification number is another requirement that you will have to provide during OPay registration.

Why Should I Provide My BVN To Opay Agent

The reason why you should provide your Bank Verification Number (BVN) during Opay agent registration is that! OPay is a financial services provider regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

And there is a stipulated KYC (Know Your Customer) requirement that the CBN has mandated financial institutions to collect from their customers after which they can begin to transact certain volumes. Please kindly click Central Bank Document for my details and to see the attached memo.

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Advantages  of an OPay Agent

There so many advantages of an OPay agent, which we will inform you about. You stand a chance of benefiting the following as an agent;

  • You will enjoy quick settlement and cash withdrawal from your wallet.
  • OPay will give you POS free as an agent, you don’t have to pay for it.
  • You register with zero amount, it means that the registration fee is free.
  • Quick response from customer service center.
  • Zero charges for all your transactions (airtime recharge, electricity bill, cable TV subscription,  and cash transfer and withdrawal).

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How to Become OPay Agent

Become an agent by following the step by step below;

  1. Download and install OPay App on your Android phone through this link.>>>OPay APP ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE
  2. Also go to your Apple store, download, and install Opay for iPhones.
  3. Use your active phone number to complete the installation.
  4. Chart up to the Support team and request your registration form.
  5. Fill the form correctly and provide the following;  passport photo, utility bill, means of ID, and CAC documents (optional).
  6. Finally, complete the process, you can start your transaction now. You can reach their customer service via [email protected] or through their WhatsApp (+2349066722924).
  7. Also, you can chat with their online support team in Opay. Click on the Chat feature at the bottom- left corner on the homepage of the app. Enter the phone number you use to register and click confirm to chat up with the agent.

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How To Get POS As An Opay Agent

To get a point of sales (POS) system in Opay for your online account transaction! kindly follow the following steps below;

  • Download and install an Opay app for your Android or iPhone mobile device.
  • Kindly fill in your Opay agent form. This will help to upgrade your know your customer level.
  • Continue your transactions. You will be informed when it is ready for pick up.

Note that Opay POS is free. You don’t have to pay a dime for it.

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92 responses to “How to Become an OPay Agent – OPay Agent Requirement and Registration Form”

      • Hello,
        I’m having issues with uploading utility bills at the 3rd upload of the KYC segment. What exactly is needed to be uploaded

  1. have done my registration process and i was informed through this email address tamara benardson [email protected] that , POS will not be given to me instantly that i have to use my personal phone for one month before POS will be giving to me….why is that?

    • Augustine Sunday, please kindly send Opay message through their email address on the post. Thanks

  2. I am interested in becoming an O pay agent. I have all the requirement. I am based in ibadan. Please kindly get back to me asap

    • Mr Ajasa, please kindly follow the methods of becoming an agent as instructed in the article. Thanks

  3. I have been using your wallet close to a month now. When are you now giving me the pos

    • Please, kindly send a mail to the official email address in this regards. Thank You.

  4. I showed interested and some guy was calling and then later asked me to send some information to one mail address and also asking me to include ma BVN. So is that also part of the registration?

    • Please kindly follow the procedures on how to register as an OPay agent as explained above. Don’t send your BVN to anybody. Thanks

  5. I wanted to become an opay agent, but I received a call from someone and he later added me up on Whatsapp. Requesting me to fill form which includes my BVN, and right now I am kind of scared. Cos BVN suppose to be secret something

  6. Pls is wunmi among your opay staff, I wanted to become an agent and a form was sent to me just want to be sure before I send my details.

    • Hello, Imaerele kindly register as an agent, before you can have a POS. Thank You

    • Please download the form fill it correctly and submit it. Then OPay will get back to you..if you don’t know the link then get back to us.

  7. Pls can’t I speak Wit one of d agent.. Instead of chatting cos I av been having issues with crediting my wallet for over 3hrs now it not been resolve and av been chatting and chatting no positive result

  8. Good afternoon, I made a transfer from my gtb account (N120,000) to my wallet account no 8062614341 since yesterday. The NIP session ID 000013190806131743000001117761 and transaction no 5d49709f79ea4a0001be4d23. The amount has not drop in my wallet until now. Please kindly escalate and credit my wallet account n 8062614341. My business is being affected and can’t do any business . Thanks, Francis Osiomwan

    • Stella all that is required to become an OPay agent is well stated in this article. Kindly inform us if you have any question.

  9. Pls, I want to make enquiry about some of the services on Opay, if I subscribe TV cable for a customer, what is going to be my own commission if I received the exact from from him?

  10. Good day. After trying to sign up on facebook. I got a call from someone on facebook .asking me to send my BVN and ID card on Whatsapp…
    he also sent me his Opay IDcard

    • Mr Felix, kindly follow the procedure we outlined in this article. Please dont give out your BVN to anybody is your secret bank number. Thank you

  11. Stil on my previous issue im adekunle adeyemi. I have went to zenith bank. I was told that my acct not credited from opaycenter, i went back to opay agent she told me that d transaction was succesful. To whom it may concerns urgent attn before i started my own with opay agent o.08055032732

    • Please, the delay might be network issue. Kindly report back your complain to the OPay agent after 48 hours.

  12. Hi please o pay I want to register but my adirod phone is adirod 7.1 version Gionee phone s11lite and it does not going through please what can I do or it meant for adirod 8 .0 up ward

  13. Hello, I requested to become an agent. I was called by an Post agent and I downloaded the app as instructed. But while filling some info, the app requested for my BVN, Passport, Valid mean of Identification and Utility bill which are very private and shouldn’t be shared. Kindly educate and confirm or otherwise genuiness of this.

  14. Very many thanks Sir.
    To upgrade to agent level, your app (OPay) that I downloaded on Play store requested me to input my BVN number and upload Passport, government ID card and Utility bill. Does that mean it’s a fraud and are you guys aware of it because it’s mandatory on the app to get the status of “Agent” ?
    And, are you guys on twitter?

  15. Good day, since on 19/082019 I made a payment for Startime , 5d5ab579c92e7b000160b6bc
    01831701141 it failure and I have been debited from my Opay Account please help me refund the money back.

  16. I was called earlier today by an Opay agent. She requested for my BVN and other personal things which I already sent to her.pls hope am save?i just read all d comments here and am scared to death right now

  17. I want be your agent becouse in our Aria no one that transfer the money into their opay wallets accaunt sothat if i come as your agent member really i benefit something from opay

  18. I was a registered Agent in around
    April this year at a stage I had problem with my phone and the app was lost. 9 even have some money in my wallet. Up till no now I can not recover my account. All efforts yo recover it had failed.What is the problem. I also cannot remember my password etc.
    Pls reconnect me.
    FIDES Igboekwe

  19. I am trying to fill the agent form from the app and it is asking for my bvn is that necessary or optional, i also tried owealth and it is asking for my bvn too. Please i need your help

  20. Please address the issues.
    Your agents are asking for BVN as a requirement for becoming an agent.

  21. You said we should not send our bvn to any agent,so kindly edit no 6 of the requirements for becoming an agent

  22. Good day, pls I have filled the POS Request form since last week. So, I want to ask now that when am I likely to get the POS Machine?…

  23. I need an opay pos machine, want to go into pos business,i don’t have the experience yet but i want to start pls how do I get the pos

    • Kindly follow the steps on how to register as Opay agent as listed above. Then for the POS, you will get when you have become an Opay agent.

  24. Please Sir, your agent ask me to pay 30 for pos and ask me to provide my bvn my passport, ID, name, date of birth. Please help me should I go ahead help me I don’t want make mistake oo

  25. Is my statement of account required to upgrade to an opay agent? An agent requested for my statement of account of which i’m yet to send but i’ve sent my bvn to her already. Is it safe cause I am tensed

  26. Please send any complaint to the above Opay email support and you can chat them on their WhatsApp number. Please don’t pay 30000 to anyone, OPay POS is free.

  27. Good evening sir/ma,
    Please i am very much interested in becoming an Opay agent. I base in Uyo currently and that is where my shop is. So please, i want to findout how long it will take to get the POS after registration.

  28. Hello,
    I’m having issues with uploading utility bills at the 3rd upload of the KYC segment. What exactly is needed to be uploaded

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