How To Download GOtv Mobile App To Your Androids, iPhones

How To Download GOtv Mobile App To Your Androids, iPhones

How to download GOtv mobile app to your android and iPhone devices! It is a very important article for every GOtv subscriber. If you have a GOtv decoder in your house! then there is a need to download the GOtv Mobile App to your smartphone! And begin to enjoy the awesome features that the App has.

With GOtv app downloaded on your mobile phones. You can conveniently manage and control your subscription just right in your palms anywhere and anytime. It also gives you the privilege to monitor your online payment and subscription expiring date.

Unlike DStv Now mobile app, that you can stream and watch videos, sports series, etc. The GOtv mobile app does not have such a feature at the moment. We hope that very soon, MultiChoice entertainment company will integrate such an amazing feature into GOtv mobile app for users to stream live events anywhere anytime at your convenient time.

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Before we show you how to download the app to your devices! We shall firstly enumerate some of the benefits and reasons why you should consider downloading such a great app and beginning to experience amazing features that it contains.

Why You Should Have MyGOtv Mobile App

Now, the following are the benefits of the GOtv mobile app and the reason why you should download the app to your Android and iPhones devices.

  1. With the GOtv mobile app on your device, you can easily fix error codes on your GOtv decoder to stay connected. And you don’t need to login to your account to fix such a common error.
  2. GOtv mobile apps help you to make an online payment for your package, check your balance and pay all necessary bills.
  3. You can be able to upgrade or downgrade the package. Change your packages and update your details.
  4. The GOtv mobile app helps you to manage your account, privacy settings, also upload your profile pictures.
  5. By using the app, be rest assure that your IUC is saved even when you lost or forgot your IUC number. You can easily retrieve it with the GOtv app.

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How To Download GOtv Mobile App

To download the GOtv Mobile app to your Androids, iPhone is very easy to do. The app is also user-friendly, all you need to do is to follow the steps by steps below.

Click on this link Google Play Store for Androids and Apple Store for iPhones. Then tap on install. Finally, launch on the GOtv App and provide all the necessary information. Then begin to explore an awesome feature from GOtv Mobile App.

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