How To Download Pickmeup Mobile App On Android, iPhone

How To Download Pickmeup Mobile App On Android, iPhone

Pickmeup is a transportation company Limited, that is currently operating in some cities in South-South of Nigeria. Such cities are Warri, Benin, and Asaba. We shall be showing you how to Download the Pickmeup Mobile App on your Android, iPhone or iPad and start enjoying the online platform of Pickmeup.

The ideal and purpose of Pickmeup services are to avert the transportation challenges experienced by urban and rural habitats. The online platform service of pickmeup is reliable and dependable for all beneficiaries either as clients or drivers. Its design in such a way that it supports different language users of the platforms through the simplistic UI. Pickmeup is the first national brand for on-demand rides.

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Benefits Of Pickmeup Services.

  • The platform provides s superior experience that is based on reliability, convenience, and unmatched customer service.
  • Another benefit of the service is that you can either use if for business or personal trips.
  • It has an easy web and mobile transportation that is users friendly.
  • It also has some ride options ranges from real-time tracking powered by Google Maps & Waze.
  • Transparent pricing, and confirmations up to the minutes ETAs.
  • Provides ride ratings and a feature-rich API for a seamless last-mile logistics solution.
  • Pickmeup is a technologically driven service and so everything is in check.
  • No cash, No hassle, that is to say, you either pay in cash or add your credit card to the app and it will e automatically deduct from your wallet when you arrive.

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Features of Pickmeup Mobile App

There are some amazing features that Pickmeup mobile app for Android and iPhone devices has. Below are some great features of the App;

  1. At the end of your ride, the app allows you to mark the drivers as favorites and the App will always connect you with your favorite driver.
  2. The App helps you to book a ride in advance, that is you can schedule a ride by clicking on the ride later button.
  3. 24/7 customer care support service.
  4. The App allows drivers and customers to chat after booking a ride.
  5. With the App, you can book a trip for a friend, colleague or someone else, who will in-turn receive a live tracking link to track the exact location of the driver.
  6. Pickmeup Corporate allows you to bill your company directly for any official trip taken on Pickmeup. All you have to do is to add your corporate email identity and if it’s registered under an approved Pickmeup Corporate Account, then you can start billing your company for rides.

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Pickmeup Mobile App Download For Android and iPhone

Step on how to download a Pickmeup mobile app for Android

Open your Android mobile device, click on Google play store and search for Pickmeup App, Tap on install, click open and sign up for free. OR click on this link Download Pickmeup Android Mobile App to start installing your App.

Step on how to download a Pickmeup mobile app for iPhone

Open your iPhone mobile device, click on the Apple store and search for the Pickmeup app, Tap on install, click open and sign up for free. OR click on this link Download Pickmeup iPhone Mobile App to start downloading the App.

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