How To Get A Nigeria Driver’s License

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How To Get A Nigeria Driver’s License. Get to know about Nigeria’s driver’s license and its requirements. This article will also show you how to apply for a driver’s license in Nigeria. Have you been in a situation where you are traveling!  And the Federal Road Safety Corps officers arrested you because you don’t have a driver’s license. You know how frustrating this could be, so the need for this article.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is the only constitutional body! by Nigeria, law to issue a driver’s license to qualify drivers. However, the issuance of the license is based on your ability to meet up and provide all the necessary requirements. Be rest assured that this article will provide all the information that is required for you to qualify for a driving license.

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Nigeria Driver’s License Requirement

To get your driving license from the FRSC,  you must complete and present the following requirements/documents. The documents are as follows;

  •  Driving School Certificate
  • learner’s Permit.
  • VIO test certificate.
  • Eye test certificate.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Payment Receipts.

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Cost of Getting A Driver License

If you don’t have an idea or knowledge of what the cost of obtaining a driver’s license is! Then, we shall give you a breakdown of what the cost of getting a license will be. Below is the cost analysis of what you should expect;

  1. N 8, 000  for the driving school certificate.
  2.  For the vehicle inspection officer (VIO) test is N 1,000
  3. N 500 for the eye test certificate
  4. N 6, 350 (3 years) and N 10, 450 (10 years) for a driver license fee.

You may need to hold extra money like N 2, 500 for other contingents that may arise during the processing of your license.

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How To Get A Nigeria Driver’s License

Now we shall teach you the steps by steps on how to get a Nigeria driver’s license as soon as possible. You can apply for a driver’s license in two ways; online or offline.

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How To Get A Nigeria Drivers  License.

To get a Nigeria driver’s license, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Get your learner’s permit from the Federal Road Safety Corps.
  2. Register in any of the approved driving training schools by FRSC nearest to you.
  3. And obtain your driving school certificate. After that, the school will send you to the Vehicle inspection officer to test your driving skills, knowledge, and road signs.
  4. If you succeed and pass the testing, you will be issued a VIO test certificate, also known as a proficiency certificate.
  5. Get an eye test certificate from the FRSC clinic.
  6. Apply for a driver’s license at the drivers’ license center (DLC).
  7. Make all payments either through online payment or approved banks.
  8. Submit your application form to the Board of Internal Revenue or Vehicle Inspection Officer at the DLC.
  9. Approach the FRSC at the DLC for biometric capturing of your data.
  10. Receive your temporal driver license that has an expiring date of 2 months.

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