How To Sign up Yahoo Mail Account | Create Yahoo Mail Account

How To Sign up Yahoo Mail Account | Create Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo mail account is one of the oldest mail service provider in the world. It comes with a lot of benefits and amazing features that enhance mail services. In this article, you will learn how to Sign up yahoo account or create a yahoo mail account. Once you have successfully created an account, you will enjoy the services of the yahoo mail provider.

To Sign up yahoo mail account is very easy and you can create yahoo account either on your personal computer or your smartphones. Yahoo mail service provider is one of the most popular mail services in the world.

Google Gmail service still maintains the biggest mail service, second by Microsoft outlook mail service and then yahoo mail account on the third. There so many features and benefits that make yahoo mail account one of the most used mail services in the world.

With yahoo account you can have all your digital files saved in your account, yahoo has unlimited storage space, provides you with the latest happenings around the world. Yahoo mail account provides you the opportunity to send and receive mail messages from your family, friends, cooperate organization, colleagues at the workplace from any part of the universe.

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Sign up yahoo account is very easy as you can create a new account or use other email addresses from mail service providers. All you need to do now is to follow the instruction below and signup a yahoo mail address for free.

How To Sign up Yahoo Mail Account

Sign up yahoo mail account through these easy steps. However,  before we show you how to register a yahoo mail account. Kindly note that yahoo mail account sign up requires your country phone number code. So if you are signed in up from the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, etc you must select the country code to register. Now let’s create a yahoo account;

  • Launch your phone and type on your browser or click Here
  • Enter your first name and your last name.
  • Enter the address name you want to bear or use your current email address of other mail providers like Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc.
  • Put your current active phone number starting it with your country code.
  • Select your birth month and year, and choose your gender
  • Click on continue to successfully sign up your yahoo mail account.

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How To Sign in / Login Yahoo mail Account

To sign in or login yahoo mail account is not difficult. All you need to do is to open your browser and type, click sign in at the bottom of the create account form. You can also click this link Yahoo Login to direct you to the yahoo login page. Enter your yahoo email address and click next. Then enter your password to log in.

Download Yahoo Mail App On Android, iPhones

Download yahoo mail app on your smartphones and manage all your mail application in one place.

To Download yahoo app for android click Yahoo App for Android

To Download yahoo app for iPhones click Yahoo App For iPhones

How To Reset A Forgot Yahoo Password

If you forget or fail to remember your yahoo password, you will not have access to your yahoo mail account. But we have got you covered, as we will show you how you can reset your forgotten password within a minutes.

  • Click on this link How to reset my yahoo password
  • Tap on forgot password or username.
  • Chose and enter any of the options either your email address, mobile phone number, recovery phone number, etc.
  • Then follow the instructions to reset your forgotten password.

How To Change A Yahoo Password.

Do you can change or reset your password if you want. However, it is good to always change your password at regular interval for security purposes. Follow the below steps to do yours now both for laptops or mobile browser and for yahoo App users.

For Yahoo App Users

  1. Open the yahoo app on your phone and tap the menu icon
  2. Click on the manage accounts and tap on account info
  3. Click on the security settings and enter your security code.
  4. Tap on the change password and enter the new password.
  5. Tap Continue to confirm you want to change your password.

From a mobile or desktop browser

  1. Open your browser and type
  2. Go to your yahoo account security page
  3. Tap change password
  4. Input a new password and click continue.

How To Delete Yahoo Mail Account

To delete your mail account, you must be very sure and certain that you want to get rid of the account. As it may be difficult to recover back the account once it has been successfully deleted after 90 days of application.

Know that when you delete your yahoo mail account, the following will be removed automatically from your account, they include Yahoo ID, address book data, mail files, photo library, etc. If you are certain that you still want to delete your account, then follow the steps below;

  • Click here Here to open the yahoo delete page.
  • Enter your username and click next.
  • Enter your password.
  • Tap continue, but before then read the text displaying on the screen. It contains what and what you will lose.
  • Type your email address again in the box.
  • Choose yes to terminate this account.

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