How to Use WhatsApp on Your PC Without a Mobile Phone

How to use WhatsApp on your PC without a mobile phone. This is a very educative article that you will want to apply to your computers. Whatsapp messenger has become one of the largest mobile online messengers platforms for everyone. This is because of its user-friendly and you chat directly with people you have their contacts.

In fact, if you are not on the WhatsApp platform, it is as if your not on this planet. However, some of us make use of our PC more often than our mobile phones. And so the need to replicate Whatsapp messenger, to start working on our personal computers.

Whatsapp is an online mobile and PC messenger platform where you communicate and chat directly with your friends, relatives, business partners and so on. We want to show how you can use Whatsapp on your PC without your mobile phone.

Before now it was only on the mobile phone that you can use Whatsapp applications. Later it was introduced to PC but with your phone connected to it. This means your phone must be active and link to your PC before it can work.

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But as it is now you can download Whatsapp application into your laptops, install it and create Whatsapp account on your Pc and start using it without your phone. I know you are eager at this point to see how to get it done on your PC. Now learn how to use Whatsapp on your PC either without your phone.

How To Use Whatsapp On PC Without Your Phone

To use Whatsapp to chat with your friends on PC without your phone is possible. Below are the steps by steps guide.

  • To do this you need an Android Emulator e.g BlueStacks to be able to download the Whatsapp application on your PC.
  • Open your browser and type or click Android Emulator
  • Select on the Download BlueStaks icon, click on save when the option pops up.
  • Tap on the download arrow at the extreme right of your screen and tap on it. A command asking that BlueStaks installer should be allowed to access your computer, then tap yes.

BlueStakes Installer

  • Click on install now to start downloading BlueStake to your PC.
  • Once it has successfully installed, double click on the Bluestacks icon on your desktop to open.
  • Search for Whatsapp App on the list of applications once found click on the install icon. Double click on the installed Whatsapp app.
  • Enter a new phone number with your country code to create an account inside the required phone number box.
  • Input the verification code that will be sent to your either as text or voice. Once the option the enter sent verification code shows up on your computer.
  • Once the code has been entered, your account will be created and you can start chatting on your Whatsapp without connecting your phone to it or using your phone.

Congratulations as you can successfully send and receive messages, change your profile picture, update your status, make video and audio calls with your WhatsApp without your phone. Enjoy.

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