How to Write A Good Curriculum Vitae

How To Write A Good Curriculum Vitae. If you want to get your dream and desirable job, then you must learn the necessary basic tips on how to write an attractive and perfect curriculum vitae.

This is very important considering how a CV plays a major role for an employer in selecting candidates for an interview. The reason why you must learn how to write a good curriculum vitae before applying for your dream job.

An attractive and perfect CV will give you an edge over other candidates seeking the same job. Your co-applicants might be more qualified than you but with an attractive and perfect CV, your application will be considered for an interview.

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A CV is a well-written document that contains the necessary and related information that is vital to the job you are applying for. A CV is a document that sells your quality, capability, and skills to an employer.

How To Write A Good Curriculum Vitae

To write a good curriculum vitae, there are some key points the CV must-have. Below are the important point your CV must contain;

A perfect and attractive CV must contain the followings;

  • Personal Information; When writing your CV, it is very important that your CV contains your personal data such as Name, Address, Email, and your mobile contact.
  • Work History; It is important to list all your working experience both past and present experience. This gives you an edge over other applicants who don’t have any work experience.
  • Responsibilities and Achievements; You must let your employer know the responsibility you have carried out in the past and the achievement in your past work.
  • Educational Background; Your employer wants to know your last educational qualification, Please don’t include your grade as this might not favor whereas you can defend your application.
  • Skills and Ability; You must state it clearly your additional skills and ability that may increase efficiency and productivity. An employer looks at your additional skills such as communication, managerial, time management skills and so many more.

Note, your CV must always be current, always include any new experience or skills acquired to your curriculum vitae also direct your writing to the job or jobs you are applying.

What a Good Curriculum Vitae Must Not Contain

How to write a CV

For you to have a perfect and attractive curriculum vitae, then there are things it should not contain, these things affect your chances of getting your dream jobs.

These include; reference, abbreviation, passport, date of birth, age, origin, gender, marital status, credentials, etc, as it may be used to disqualify the application.

Note, always ensure that your CV is brief, concise, and not more than two pages

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