How to Set up Latest Google Voice Account on Your PC

Setting up the latest Google Voice Account on your personal computer (PC) is an easy thing to do as long as you follow the steps by steps that we are about to teach you on how to set up latest Google Voice Account on Your PC.

Google has given all users of Gmail the opportunity to use google voice to send free text messages, read voice text transcript, customize the voicemail, make and receive calls and many more…

We shall be teaching you on how to set up the latest google voice account on your personal computer, androids phones, and IOS devices.

How to Set Up Google Voice Account on Your Personal Computer

The Google Voice Account can only work for those that have a Gmail account, if you don’t have a Gmail account, create through>>>Create Gmail Account

Now you have created a Gmail account lets continue;

This will take you to the official website of google voice, where you will be required to sign up with your Google Account.

  • The next thing to do is to Click on Sign IN Button on the right top of the screen.


  • Read up the terms of services and the privacy policy to know if you are satisfied with their policy and terms. If you are satisfied, you then Click Continue Button.


  • To get  Google Voice number, Enter the City or Area Code of your location.  If there is no available number in your location, then you choose another City or Area Code.


  • Select your preferred Google Voice number that you would like to be using that is free in your City or Area Code.


  • For the purpose of verification, you will link your Google Voice Number to your US-Based mobile number.


  • After linking the number, then you enter your US mobile contact in the box and Click Send Code. You choose either to receive the code through text message or via a telephone call.


  • Enter the verification Code sent to you either by text or call and Click Confirm or Verify.


  • The final stage of the Google Voice Account is to Click on Finish and when the page redirects you to the confirmation page, you click Finish again. Now you can start using your Google Voice on Your PC.

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