Steps on How to Manage Heat Stress in Poultry Farming

Heat Stress is one of the major problems that farmers experience in poultry farming during the heat period. This occurs majorly in the tropic region due to the climatic condition that does not favor production of birds…

Heat Stress contributes to 40% economic loss during poultry production if not properly managed.

Due to its advert effect on poultry farming and production, we shall be highlighting steps on how to manage heat stress so as to reduce production loss.

Effect of Heat Stress in Poultry Production

Heat stress on poultry production includes the following; Poor performance, growth reduction, loss of appetite, poor feed conversion ratio, high mortality,  drop in egg production, these and many more are the effects of heat stress.

Now that we know what heat stress can cause to our poultry production, which we don’t want to experience in our farms. Then the need for this post, so that we can learn the steps on how to manage heat stress during the hot period.

Steps on How to Manage Heat Stress in Poultry Production

  • Feed Restriction; Feed restriction is very important in mitigating heat stress in our farms. Restrict feeding in the hot period of the day, feed during the cooler period in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Provide Fresh Drinking Water Always; During the heat stress always ensure there is constant and fresh water for the birds to drink as this helps the birds to regulate their temperature and prevent dehydration. Also, you can put an ice block in their drinking water so as to make the water cooler, this will help the birds to drink the water than when it is hot
  • Re-Formulate your Feed. This is the time to re-formulate your feed ration, ensure you reduce the energy content of the feed as they are not advisable to feed them on high energy feed ration during heat stress.
  • Provide Comfortability to the Birds; If you are using an open-sided type of poultry housing system, ensure you open two sides of the pen to allow the proper flow of ventilation in the open house. You can also support natural ventilation with industrial fans.
  • Keep the Pen House Clean; Ensure the pen house is cleaned always, pack wet and cake liter always to avoid discharge of ammonia gas that affects the lungs of the birds. This can lead to CRD (Chronic Respiratory Disease) if the bad liter is not scrapped out.
  • Give the birds an anti-stress Medication; An anti-stress medication such as Vitamin C will help to reduce the effect of heat stress on the birds. This can be done regularly or occasionally.

It is economically advisable to apply the preventive measures than the treatment measures, therefore always put into practice all that we have highlighted as a measure to manage heat stress in Poultry Farming.

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