Best Method To Delete A Telegram Account Permanently

Best Method To Delete A Telegram Account Permanently

Best Method To Delete A Telegram Account Permanently. This article is basically all about the deletion of the Telegram account. Most people after creating an account might decide to delete such an account for one reason or the other. However, this post on How to Delete A Telegram Account Permanently will guide us on how to trash our Telegram account.

Deleting Your Telegram Account is something you must thoroughly think about if actually you want to trash the account. This is because telegram account deletion is a permanent process and it requires deleting everything about your Telegram account.

However, Telegram is one of the best messaging applications in the world. it is free from any form ads and the charging rate is less compared to other apps. It has a cloud-based app that stores all messages in an encrypted format! which helps to retrieve messages when you used other devices to log in to your account.

Telegram has unlimited storage space in which you can send all types of files, videos, media without considering the storage limit, it is fast in sending and receiving messages. It is truly an alternative to Whatsapp but has more great features compared to Whatsapp, you can read more about Telegram Account and its Features.

Now that you have the feature and benefits of a Telegram account. And if you still want to delete your account permanently, then follow the guide we shall be showing you below.

However, note that you will not have access to your account again after your account is inactive for 6 to 1year depending on the period you choose and you will lose all your telegram contacts,  messages, chats, videos, pictures, etc.

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Method To Delete A Telegram Account Permanently

There are two methods to delete your Telegram account permanently, either automatically or manually. We are going to shall be showing how to have our account trash out in either method.

To Delete Telegram Account Permanently in an Automatic Method, follow the step by step below;

  1. Open your Telegram account and log in either through web or app on your mobile
  2. Click on the menu icon at the top left of the page and tap Settings.
  3. Click on Privacy and Security.
  4. Tap on Delete my if away for 6 months.
  5. It will display Account self-destructs. Choose how long you will be away or inactive (1, 3, 6 months or 1 year). If you don’t make use of Telegram within the selected time frame, you will have your account automatically deleted.

To delete your Telegram Account manually which does not give you any time frame and you will have it done immediately.

If that is what you want, then follow the step by step below and have your telegram account trash at a goal.

  • Click on this link Delete Telegram Account to direct you to the deactivate page.
  • Enter your phone number using international formate.
  • Enter the confirmation code sent to you through SMS.
  • Establish a reason why you decided to delete your Telegram account permanently.
  • Click done, and a question like ”Are Your Sure.”
  • Tap Yes Delete My Account.
  • At this point, your Telegram Account will be deleted permanently.

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