OPay Agent Mobile App Download | Get OPay Mobile Agent Free POS

OPay Agent Mobile App Download | Get OPay Mobile Agent Free POS

OPay Agent Mobile App Download and How To Get OPay Mobile Agent Free POS. If you meet up with the requirement as an OPay agent, you will stand a chance of getting a free POS. We shall be teaching you, how you can apply for OPay Agent Free POS and How to Download OPay Mobile App.

OPay is an internet platform, design for the transaction (Send or Receive) of money and payment of bills. OPay has commenced full operation in three Africa countries; South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. OPay is owned by Opera software.

Why Should I Use OPay

”Why should I use OPay” is one of the numerous questions our online readers have been asking us after we publish an article on how to become an Opay agent.

The following are part of the numerous reasons why you should use OPay e-wallet transactions.

  1.  OPay guarantees you 0.5% on every transaction you do with the POS withdrawer.
  2.  The registration is absolutely free, it means you register with no amount of charge.
  3. One other reason is that OPay will give you POS free without asking you to pay.
  4. There is no delay in settlement of cash either by withdrawing or sending from your OPay account.
  5. You will also enjoy zero charges from all transactions.
  6. OPay customer service unit is quick in responding to complaints.

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Functions of an OPay Agent

Before registering as an agent, there is a need to, first of all, know what and what are your responsibilities and services to render to your customer as an OPay agent.

  • Transfer and Receive Money; with OPay e-wallet, you can transfer and receive money without any charge.
  • Purchase Airtime; buy airtime, buy data of any network through the OPay platform.
  • Pay Utility Bills; all bills both electricity, utility, and other bills can be pay through this platform.
  • Cable Subscription; you can pay for GOtv, DStv, etc.
  • Buy Food; you can pay for any kind of meal you want via OPay.

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Requirement as an OPay Agent

The following are the requirement to become an OPay agent;

  1. An Android device that is good and network-friendly will be required.
  2. You must at least know how to read, write and communicate in an official language.
  3. A small shop will be needed, for the transaction.
  4. You must have the skill of a customer relations officer.
  5. Your personal identity card must be clear and concise. Such include; passport, Utility bill, means of ID, CAC documents or Cooperate Affair Commission (optional).

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How to Apply for OPay Agent Free POS

Step by step on how to apply for OPay free POS, before you will be given a POS, you must register and become an active agent.

  • Click on this link and sign up >>>https://operapay.com/agent-signup
  • Fill in the OPay free POS form correctly.
  • Your Name, Surname, Phone number, State, and Email address will be required.
  • Kindly wait after submission, OPay will contact you after reviewing your form to collect your POS.

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How to Download OPay Mobile App


Steps to download OPay Mobile App on your Android devices;

  • Click on this link OPay App on Google Play Store and download the App
  • Also, install the App and complete the installation with your active phone number.

Hope this article was helpful to you? Please kindly comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. Thanks for this article. But I’d like to know how opay makes their money, their services can’t be entirely free. Or can it?

  2. Wow! This is amusing…I applied but I’m yet to receive response from Opay, hold on! Those this apart from the benefits pays??

  3. I applied for this months ago but they have not given to me, why?
    And I followed the whole process.

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