ORide Registration and Requirements | ORide Mobile App

ORide Registration and Requirements | ORide Mobile App

Have you been so inquisitive to become an OPay ORide Driver! And start making money for your self and your loved ones. In this article on ORide Registration and Requirements | ORide Mobile App will explain to you in clear terms all you need to know to become a certified OPay ORide rider.

As you have noticed recently in some megacities of Nigeria! such as Lagos, Ibadan, kano, and other cities, where customize OPay ORide bikes are been used to ride clients.  One of the major reasons why OPay launched ORide in some cities in Nigeria! Is to be able to navigate traffics.

Benefits of Using ORide Ride

It is very necessary that we highlight some of the benefits of using OPay ORide either as a driver or customer.     Below are some of the benefits;

  1. As an ORide driver, you will be able to make an income.
  2. With over 10000 riders, OPay ORide riders are ready to take you anywhere anytime.
  3. It saves time and also money. There are amazing discounts for riders.
  4. The ORide support team is available to support and help you if there is a problem at the cause of your trip.
  5. ORide is saved and drivers are smart.
  6. OPay ORide ride helps to navigate traffics.
  7. ORide operates between 7 AM to 10 PM daily.
  8. There are healthcare and insurance for riders and passengers.

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OPay ORide Riders Requirements

You cannot become an ORide rider if you don’t meet the following requirement;

  • You must have good communication skills.
  • Ability to read and operate Mobile devices (Androids and IOS Phones).
  • You must not have been convicted of criminal cases.
  • The required age limits are between 18 to 55 years old.
  • Have a good idea of the metropolis route
  • Must have a driving license.
  • Must have a driving experience not less than one year.

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How to Register For OPay ORide

Follow the outline procedures to register and become an ORide Driver.

  • Navigate to your browser and type https://operapay.com/oride to land on the official homepage of ORide click on Earn With ORide to start your registration.
  • Enter your Name, Phone Number, and Location. Click Submit.
  • Wait for an invitation from ORide.
  • A pre-exam will be carried out, and if you pass the exam, you will be selected for training.
  • After being trained by ORide, you will be giving an ORide bike to commence the ride immediately.

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How To Download ORide Mobile App

  1. Click on this link ORide App Google Play Store to download the ORide App for Androids.
  2. Click here ORide App on Apple Store for IOS phones.

How To Order An ORide Driver

To order for an ORide rider, kindly follow the guideline.

  • Navigate to ORide App either for google or apple store depending on the type of phone you are using.
  • Enter your location and destination. Confirm your location and then order for an ORide ride.
  • Confirm your trip and payment information, continue by clicking on the take a ride button. Before moving, kindly confirm the rider details.
  • Immediately you reach your final bus stop, make payment either through your wallet or any payment method of your choice. Ensure you rate your ride.

Hope this article was helpful?

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