Paga Agent Requirement – How To Register As Paga Agent

Paga Agent Requirement and How to Register As Paga Agent is an article that will teach you how to create an agent account and the requirement requires to become a certified Paga Agent. After successful registration, you will commence the transaction…

A Paga Agent is someone that performs the services of Paga such as bill payment, cash deposit, and transfer, etc, to his or her customer. You can become one of the Paga agents or representatives by learning the basic steps that we are about to discuss in this article.

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Paga is an online and offline platform that gives you the opportunity to perform some important transaction such as cash transfer and withdrawer, send and receive payments, airtime recharge, bill payments and so many more.

You can choose the platform that you want to operate, either as an online or offline representative. An online Paga platform involves downloading of Paga mobile application on your devices and creating the account on your PC.

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But for the benefits of this post, we shall be discussing on the offline form of Paga representative or agent. An offline Paga agent is a form of transaction that involves the presence of the agent and the customer. It must take place in a shop with Paga branded materials displayed in the shop.

Roles of a Paga Agent

Becoming a Paga agent is one thing and knowing your role or function as a Paga agent or representative to your potential customers or client is another thing, we shall inform you the responsibilities of a Paga agent to his or her client;

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  • Withdrawing of cash for your client.
  • Transferring of cash to another account.
  • Depositing of cash to your client account.
  • Bill payments such as Utility bill, DStv and others.
  • Airtime Recharge.
  • Registration of new Paga member.

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How to Register as Paga Agent

For you to become a Paga agent or representative, then you must follow the basic step by step on how to become a Paga agent or representative that we are about to explain to you.

  1.  Click on this link>>> Paga Agent Register Interest Form
  2.  Complete the agent interest form information and click submit.
  3. A notification will pop up, thanking you for indicating interest.
  4. A local Paga representative will contact you to guide you on the application process.

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Paga Agent Requirement

The following documents are the requirement you must have to become a certified Paga Agent, below are the necessary documents needed;

  • Evidence of proof of address.
  • Passport photos two copies.
  • Evidence of a certificate of Incorporation.
  • Copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • VAT certificate and tax clearance.
  • Identity of primary and secondary contacts.
  • Proof of payment for verification application.
  • Minimum of three months bank statement.
  • Minimum of two guarantors.
  • You need N25,000 in your account as working capital.

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