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Scholarships in Japan For African Students.

Scholarships in Japan For African Students

Have you been searching for Scholarships in Japan For African Students? You are covered on how to apply here!

Education has taken a big toll on this society, most especially the Africans.

As an individual, born into the African continent of the world, having the best out of education is our priority.

So that is why I have discovered a good place where we can have quality education and scholarship. Japan is situated in the northwest pacific ocean and it is an island country in East Asia. And it is bothered by the west by the sea of Japan.

Japan is known for supporting international students who study in higher education institutes. In this article, I will be listing and explaining to us some of the available scholarships for African students in Japan and the processes involved in their application procedure. 

7 Best Scholarship Programs In Japan For African Students

The MEXT Scholarships in Japan For African Students

The Mext Scholarship is a Young Leader’s program, an Africa scholarship award that trains future national leaders in Asia and other countries to create and promote cordial relationships among various countries. And to also enhance and improve policy planning activities by forming a network among national leaders with a typical knowledge about Japan.

MEXT scholarship is a Fully-Funded scholarship program in Japan offered by Japan’s ministry of education, culture, sports, science, and technology.

This scholarship program is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students that are interested in continuing their education at a Japanese university.

Application processes are announced by the important bodies of the scholarship program in April annually, And then as an applicant, you are expected to follow the guidelines posted on their official scholarship website.

Although there are a lot of MEXT Scholarship programs, the Young Leaders program is one of the most popular ones.

Japan Foundation United Nations University JFUNU 2022 Ph.D. Scholarship For Developing Countries.

The Japan Foundation of JFUNU is an African scholarship program that is Fully-funded by the japan foundation to target students from nations and those who are struggling to meet the financial needs of their selected program.

It is a non-application program because you are automatically considered a candidate when submitting your initial application for the course of your choice. And it is meant for the doctoral degree.

As a beneficiary of the program, you will be receiving a monthly allowance worth $145,000 and also with tuition fee and it is only valid for the month of the year learning period.

The KUAS Undergraduate Scholarships in Japan For African Students 

The KUAS Undergraduate Scholarships in Japan For African Students is an international scholarship program offered in the Kyoto University of Advanced science, that is meant for undergraduate students. 

This scholarship program is basically into two parts ;

The KUAS-E and the Super KUAS-E.

The KUAS-E Undergraduate scholarship program is given to people who have benefitted or received an admission previously and tuition fee reduction which depends on their academic performances.

The Super KUAS-E Undergraduate scholarship program is a scholarship program that is basically for those who are in the faculty of science, and they must meet the minimum requirement because all the academic requirements are used to access qualifications.

Waseda University Japanese Government Scholarship

Waseda University is one of those institutions that support and enhance the international priority Graduate Program(PGP). It also gives a chance to every international student that is applying for a graduate program.

The assessment of the Waseda University Japanese scholarship program is being made by the graduate school of information, production, and systems(IPS).

As an applicant when you apply for this scholarship program at Waseda university you will be accessed, and if you pass the test, your details will be forwarded To the Japanese government. And after being selected as a student you will then receive the award according to the government policies and plan.

Japan Educational Exchange And Services (JEES)Scholarship program

This scholarship program is also for African students in all fields of studies, from junior colleges to doctorate is provided in collaboration with private entities that are willing to support and promote students in various fields.

It is split into different categories in which you can apply depending on your eligibility, the ones that are mostly known include; school-specific, Nationality specific, and promotion of Japanese learning language.

Kochi University Of Technology(KUT) Special Scholarship Program 2022 For Doctoral International Students

This scholarship program is also for African students. The Kochi University of Technology was formerly a private University, which was created in the year 1997, which was founded by the Kochi Government to become the world’s most classic university with the pursuit of unique excellence.

The KUT special scholarship program was brought to recognition in 2003 to support the research of the university with the help of capable students mostly from foreign countries. And with this program, KUT wishes to expand international relationships with academic and educational institutions all over the world.

AFDB Japan Africa Dream Scholarship(JAD) 2022 Fully-Funded Program For African Students.

The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship Program is a joint initiative by the Africa Development Bank(AFDB) and Japan. The main objective of this scholarship program is to provide two-year scholarship awards to the most achieving African graduate students.

And to enable them to go through post-graduate studies (a two-year Master’s degree program) in most developing areas of the world and overseas (also in Japan), In line with the Bank’s high 5 strategies. (To light up Africa and to power up Africa, to industrialize Africa, to feed Africa, and to improve and enhance the quality of life of the people of Africa as a whole). This Japan Africa Dream Scholarship program is Fully funded by the Government of Japan.

However, the Japan Africa Dream Scholarship program is a capacity-building project which was created in the year 2017 by the African Development Bank and The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship.

After candidates are through with their studies, they are expected to return to their home countries to be able to share and impart the knowledge they have gained to the growth and the promotion of their country.

Final Verdict

Japan is one of the most popular countries that awards scholarships to students in other to give impactive knowledge to

Students which enables a better society. And they do not just give out scholarships to only African but also Internationally.

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