Simple Guide on How to Become an Uber Driver

One of the ways to become financially stable and live above the poverty level is to do more of investment that will generate additional income, and that is the reason you need this simple guide on how to become an Uber driver…,

Are you aware or do you know that most of the richest people in the world engaged in multiple businesses the generate income for them? They don’t depend on one source of revenue and that is why they are the richest in the world.

As an Uber driver, there are so many benefits that you will enjoy, apart from becoming your own boss, you also have the opportunity to relate and meet with different people.

What you are about to learn is something you can make extra income from. The current economic downturn in the world generally requires you and me to do additional work, As an Uber driver, you will definitely make some cool cash for yourself.

A simple guide on how to become an Uber driver, is an article that will help you to understand in simple and clear terms, all you need to know if you desire to make extra income as an Uber driver.

How to Become an Uber Driver

Now let’s get into the main detail why we are here, how to become an Uber driver, with this easy and simple method. For proper understanding, we shall be discussing this topic in different sub-headings as listed out in the table of content.

Table of Contents;
> Uber Driver Requirements
> Uber Vehicle Requirements
> Vehicle Documents to be Submitted
> Fill an Uber Driver Application
> Car Inspection by Uber

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Uber Driver Requirements.

Uber Driver requirements are the necessary criteria that you must have before you can consider or qualify to apply for Uber driver work. Below are the following criteria that you must have as an Uber driver.

  • You must not be less than 21 years of age with three years of experience or 23 years with a year driving experience.
  • Must have a valid driver license.
  • Must not have a criminal record.
  • A clean driving history, that is to say, you are not prone to involving in an accident.
  • Your vehicle must be cover by insurance and must be well registered and documented.

Uber Vehicle Requirements

Another important requirement is the Uber vehicle requirements. This is because Uber will have to conduct an inspection on the vehicle to ascertain if it meets the criteria.

So, that is more reason you have to make sure that all necessary vehicle requirements are met. The criteria also depend on the choice of services you want to operate.

The Uber Vehicle services depend on the customer’s request or demand on which service he or she chooses to ride with, we shall list all the types of vehicle services Uber operate with.

Uber Vehicle Services are as follows; UberSUV vehicle, UberXL vehicle, UberPOOL vehicle, UberBLACK vehicle, UberLUX vehicle, UberSELECT vehicle.

Vehicle Documents to be Submitted

Now that you have been informed on what Uber requires from you, both as a driver and the vehicle you intend to render service with. The next point to note is the vehicle document requirement.

The three major documents you need to submit before your application is the driver license, vehicle registration document and an insurance proof of the vehicle.

Fill an Uber Driver Application

I want to say a big congratulation, for getting to this stage of this process of becoming an Uber driver. There are things you will need to know during your application as an Uber Driver.

Firstly, you will open an account with Uber before the application process but if you have open an Uber account, then you will not have to create any.

Visit and click the Uber Official website Uber Application Sign Up and click on the Sign-Up icon at the extreme right of your PC screen.

If you want to enjoy and benefits in the driver sign up bonus, then you will register through a referral link or Uber driver invite code. After filling out the sign-up details like Name, email, phone number, etc.

Car Inspection by Uber

Ensure your vehicle undergoes Uber inspection, then upload the result of the report to your profile. This help to speed up your application process. The inspection will be every 4 months or annually.

Hope you find this article helpful and needful?

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