Types of Google Voice / Features of Google Voice Account

Do you know the different types and features of  Google Voice account? Never too worry, just relax and read up this article to understand how it works.

Google voice gives you the opportunity to send and receive text messages for free, make international calls for a cheaper rate, voicemail transcription and you can also connect your google voice number to all your phones.

To enjoy all the features and benefits of what this technology entails, It is important to let you know that you must Sign up and reside in the U.S.

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After successfully Sign up with Google and your Google Voice number activated and confirmed, the next stage is to choose any of the types of Google Voice account that you want to be using.

Types of Google Voice Account

1. Google Voice on Sprint; this type of account only allows you to use Sprint phones number as your google voice number. You can also replace your Sprint phone number with Google Voice number. It, therefore, means that all Sprint phones are an important device with Google Voice account

2. Google Voice Lite; this type of Google Voice account provides only voicemail services to individual users. Here one voicemail can be used for all your mobile phones.

One of the advantages of using Google Voice lite is that it helps you to transcripts your voicemail calls or messages into your inbox, where you can be able to access it anytime you want to.

3. Google Voice; this type of account helps you to customized your mobile phone number to Google Voice, with this, you don’t need another Google voice number.

Features of Google Voice Account

Google Voice account can be used on the following features;

1. Voicemail transcription
2. Conference call
3. Call routing
4. Video and Voice call
5. Voicemail greeting messages
6. Call blocking
7. International cheap Calls
8. Screaning Calls
9. Call recording

Having Google Voice number gives you the opportunity to enjoy all mentioned above features and much more conveniently at a cheaper rate. Try this today and give us feedback.

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